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We are a consulting firm that specialises in financial markets. Our clients call us when they face complicated and difficult problems that require analysis, judgement and independence to resolve. We work with firms, regulators, governments and other types of organisations to help them best achieve their goals - maximizing profits, adding value, overcoming challenges, and delivering public policy objectives. Based in London, operating for over twenty years, our work spans the globe. We seek to provide excellence in all we do.


We partner with leaders in finance, help them formulate their strategies, and provide the real-world and the conceptual analyses necessary to ensure they have confidence in their decisions.


We advise our partner organisations on how best to persuade different stakeholders about why a particular commercial or public policy should be adopted.


We undertake research to deliver targeted intelligence to our clients, and to further our own and other people's understanding of how financial markets work.

Major Book


Running the World's Markets: The Governance of Financial Infrastructure

The efficiency, safety, and soundness of financial markets depend on the operation of core infrastructure - exchanges, central counter-parties, and central securities depositories. Running the World's Markets examines how these institutions are, and should be, run.