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In order to enhance our own and other people's understanding of how financial markets work, we use our extensive experience and expertise to undertake research on a range of topics of our own choosing.

Broad Areas of Analysis

The subjects we choose to analyse vary widely. We may examine the fine detail of a particular regulation or the costs of undertaking one specific activity. We may produce high-level overviews of important broad issues affecting the global financial community. We may undertake research on a very practical aspect of how to improve the operations of a particular segment of the market. We may undertake highly conceptual analysis if we believe it to be strategically vital for market development.

Highest Standards of Excellence

We seek to produce research of the highest standard. Our work is widely published and referenced throughout the world.



Running the World's Markets: The Governance of Financial Infrastructure

The efficiency, safety, and soundness of financial markets depend on the operation of core infrastructure - exchanges, central counter-parties, and central securities depositories. Running the World's Markets examines how these institutions are, and should be, run.