Strategy, Policy and Decisions
Knowledge and Understanding
Detailed and Big Picture Analyses

We understand financial markets and institutions. We are experts in high-level strategy and policy. We know how and when to make difficult decisions. We recognize the importance of technical issues. We provide both detailed and big picture analyses. Our expertise is based on extensive hands-on experience, and thorough knowledge and understanding, in many fields and many markets.


Our clients operate in many segments of the financial markets. The areas in which we have an expertise include:

  • Trading
  • Clearing
  • Settlement
  • Listing
  • Data
  • Custody
  • Fund Management
  • Private Equity


Market knowledge in many areas including trading, clearing, settlement and regulation

Who We Are

Global experts coordinated for each project bringing deep expertise and understanding


Ruben Lee, CEO of Oxford Finance Group, with over thirty year's experience in working, consulting and research in financial markets