Consulting, Persuasion and Research
World-Wide Reputation
Market and Institutional Experience

As a consulting firm specialising in financial markets, we provide three main types of services. We give advice to our clients on the complicated and difficult problems they face. We help our clients persuade private and public sector stakeholders of the merits of their strategies, policies and decisions. We provide intelligence about financial markets - by delivering targeted research for our clients, and undertaking publicly available research into topics we believe critically important.

Competitive Strengths

  • We specialise in financial markets
  • We have global expertise and experience
  • We are thought-leaders with a world-wide reputation
  • We understand market participants - their strategies, goals and incentives
  • We understand the public policy arena - its demands, dynamics and scrutiny
  • We provide rigorous conceptual backing and evidence for our recommendations

What We Don't Do

  • We don't re-package one client's data to present to its competitors
  • We don't give the same answers and presentations to different clients
  • We don't promise senior people for an assignment, and then deliver junior associates
  • We don't provide services if we can't add value


Market knowledge in many areas including trading, clearing, settlement and regulation

Who We Are

Global experts coordinated for each project bringing deep expertise and understanding


Ruben Lee, CEO of Oxford Finance Group, with over thirty year's experience in working, consulting and research in financial markets