Client Specific Intelligence
Analysis and Evaluation
Goal-Oriented Conclusions

Knowledge and ideas play a vital role in our clients' success. Our partner organisations often wish to enhance their understanding of the environments in which they operate, and ask us to assist them in this process. We undertake research to deliver targeted intelligence for our clients.

Types of Studies

The research that we undertake for our clients can take many different forms:

Surveys - we survey market participants and interested stakeholders on institutional and market issues.

Empirical Analyses - we obtain and evaluate data in order to draw relevant conclusions about factual questions.

Database Development - we assist in the development and study of proprietary client databases.

Global Comparisons - we undertake global comparisons of specific aspects of financial markets.

Literature Surveys - we identify and analyse the importance of business, policy and academic literature on dedicated topics.


Partnering leaders in finance, and providing advice on strategic decisions, major transactions, competitive challenges, and regulation and public policy


Persuasion of different stakeholders, both internal and external, of the merits of our clients' strategies and actions


Delivery of targeted intelligence for our partners, and also publicly available research into critically important topics