Who We Are

Deep Experience
Diversity of Expertise
Global Know-How
We bring together deep expertise, experience and understanding of financial markets to address the challenges faced by our clients. Our experts come from all over the world. A dedicated team is established and coordinated for each project we undertake. We put together large teams to address major policy questions, and small teams to focus on tightly defined issues.

Areas of Expertise and Experience

The problems our clients face typically require expertise and experience from different disciplines. Depending on the nature of the assignment we are asked to undertake, we will establish a team with skill, knowledge and wisdom drawn from the following fields:

  • Business
  • Corporate Finance
  • Economics
  • Governance
  • Law
  • Regulation
  • Politics
  • Strategy
  • Technology


Market knowledge in many areas including trading, clearing, settlement and regulation

Who We Are

Global experts coordinated for each project bringing deep expertise and understanding


Ruben Lee, CEO of Oxford Finance Group, with over thirty year's experience in working, consulting and research in financial markets