Client Base

Broad Spectrum of Clients
Private and Public Sectors
Unique Approach for Each Partner
Many different types of firms and organizations call on us to help them enhance their performance. Our client base includes the large financial institutions and intermediaries, the big infrastructure providers, the major financial market regulators and governments, and the global international development and financial stability institutions. We also partner with many smaller private sector firms in developed markets, as well as many commercial firms, regulators, and governments from developing and emerging countries from all regions of the world.

Broad Categories

We sometimes find it useful to group our clients into three broad categories:

Private Sector Financial Institutions

The types of private sector financial institutions with which we work include:

  • Banks - Commercial, Universal, Investment
  • Broker-Dealers and Financial Intermediaries
  • Custodians
  • Data Vendors
  • Fund Managers
  • Rating Agencies
  • Trade Associations

Most of the private sector firms with whom we work seek to maximise profits, and we help them achieve this goal. At the same time, many of our partner firms often also have a broad set of other objectives that they pursue. They typically seek to provide excellence in the quality of services they provide, they may wish to be at the forefront of setting and adopting standards for the industries they operate, or they may wish to participate in the public policy process of establishing national and international regulation in the arenas in which they function. We help our partner private sector firms realise all these and other key relevant goals.


We work with institutions that provide the infrastructure necessary for financial markets to work. These are typically complex organisations with multiple objectives and multiple stakeholders. Such institutions include:

  • Securities and Derivatives Exchanges
  • Central Counter-Parties/Clearing Houses
  • Central Securities Depositories

The infrastructure institutions with whom we work around the world vary widely. They have very different governance models and seek to achieve diverse goals. Some infrastructure institutions operate on a for-profit basis, some are not-for-profit institutions, and some are indirectly or directly controlled by government. We partner the infrastructure institutions with whom we work to identify the key goals they seek to achieve, and to ensure these goals are delivered.

Public Policy Institutions

A wide diversity of public policy institutions call on us to assist them realise their goals. These include:

  • International Financial Institutions
  • International Standard Setters
  • National Development Agencies
  • Governments
  • Central Banks
  • Regulators
  • Self-Regulatory Organizations

The nature and objectives of these different types of institutions vary enormously. One important common theme does, however, run through most of their activity - namely their decisions are often subject to intense public scrutiny. We work closely with our partners in the public policy arena to ensure that the decisions they take and the strategies they follow are fully justified, and can withstand thorough public inspection and examination.

Client Base

Many different types of firms and organizations call on us to help them enhance their performance - from the largest companies to small ones, from the private and public sectors, and from developed and emerging countries.

Global Reach

We have worked in over forty countries creating optimal solutions to diverse problems in financial markets all over the world.