Each Client is Unique
Overcoming Challenges
Proven Approach
Our partner organisations call us to help them resolve the challenging issues they confront. They value our analysis, judgement and independence. These strengths allow us to step back from our clients' day-to-day operations in order to get a big picture viewpoint where necessary. They are also vital in assessing detailed aspects of our clients' strategies and operations.


Each consulting assignment we undertake is different. A client may seek advice, for example, on a strategic commercial decision, a major transaction, a competitive challenge, a governance problem, a regulatory matter, or a domestic or international public policy question. The issues we are asked to address may be short-term and technical in nature, or they may be long-term, strategic and broad in structure.


Several common themes inform how we approach our consulting work. Typically we:

  • Help our partners frame the key questions and problems that need to be addressed
  • Identify and obtain the necessary data and facts
  • Examine pertinent global and past experience
  • Understand the incentives faced by relevant stakeholders
  • Undertake conceptual and numerical analysis
  • Identify and evaluate key solutions
  • Recommend and justify an optimal strategy
  • Ensure the buy-in of key leaders and interested parties


Partnering leaders in finance, and providing advice on strategic decisions, major transactions, competitive challenges, and regulation and public policy


Persuasion of different stakeholders, both internal and external, of the merits of our clients' strategies and actions


Delivery of targeted intelligence for our partners, and also publicly available research into critically important topics